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This was a fun one. Trulia needed a digital content campaign that would both gain awareness for their real estate app and also carve out a different space for their brand in a crowded category. My thought was, rather than cloying, overly-emotional pieces about the home search...why not showcase the wonderfully weird things people do in the privacy of their own homes once they've found the perfect place to be themselves? Featured in AdWeek and selected as an Editor's Pick on Creativity.

To seed and extend the campaign on social, we tapped into a variety of influencers to put their own spin on the idea, from famous talking dogs to comedy troupes.

We also did a low-key studio "confessional" shoot to further extend the campaign on owned social channels, and invite fan interaction. We simply asked these people "What do you do at home when nobody's looking?" and tried not to ruin the takes by laughing.