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"Relevant Work Experience"


Mekanism — 2014-2016

Promoted to ACD after TV, print, social, and digital work for Pepsi, The North Face, Trulia, Amazon, Ben & Jerry's, and Muscle Milk.

Google — 2014

Worked on experiential and video projects for Google at both Autofuss and B-Reel. Also worked at Google itself, in the Brand Studio. 

Freelance — 2013-14

At Autofuss, BarrettSF, Lloyd&Co, and Digitas, I worked on a variety of projects for Google, Taco Bell, Pepsi, Pac-12, KQED, and Rubio's.

West — 2012-13  

Jambox, Anki Drive, Rdio, plus stuff they won't let me talk about.

Eleven — 2011-12

Square, Sun Valley Tourism, Visa, Union Bank, Coinstar, Virgin Airlines, Black Star Beer.

EVB/Evolution Bureau — 2007-09; 2011 

Nike Baseball, Tropicana, adidas, Muscle Milk

Organic — 2010-11


Godfrey Q + Partners — 2009-10

Symantec, PC Tools...and some B2B tech



Creative Assistant - EVB. 2007-2009

Peter Parker Stunt Double - Spiderman 3. 2005-2006.

Lifestyle / Word-of-Mouth Marketing Rep - Warner Bros. Records. 2003-2004



UC Berkeley - American Studies, with honors, 2005

Concentration: Creative Dissent in Popular Culture

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