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I wrote a handful of TV  and radio spots to launch Pepsi's Out of the Blue music platform on Grammy night. We needed a way to show Pepsi unlocking unexpected music experiences for fans, in a way that felt authentic and exciting. The spot with Fall Out Boy played in the first slot of the Grammy broadcast. Director: Terri Timely. Agency: Mekanism. 

For the radio—wait, where are you going? come back! it's good radio!—I interviewed both of the artists we shot for the tv spots, Charli XCX and Fall Out Boy. We used the stems for the licensed tracks (the isolated instrumental and vocal tracks) and I asked the artists about all the different parts of the songs. We brought it all together in the mix, creating some really cool behind-the-scenes type content.

And here's a :15 spot I wrote for Real Sugar Pepsi. I wanted it to be rooted in the true concert moment when your friend finally finds you in the crowd, with the drinks you've been waiting for.