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 Some one-offs and random work I'm fond of.

James and Peanut Butter on Fairness

20 locations in a week, asking strangers about "Fairness" and "Responsibility" on behalf of a large bank who needed video content for a microsite. There's no foolproof way to ensure magical content from a 'Man on the Street' interview, but the chances increase if you chase down a pastel cowboy with a miniature pony.


Look at that trophy. 

For Black Star Beer, we did a facebook contest where the 'biggest beer fan' won a trip to the biggest beer festival, where we awarded him the biggest beer trophy. 

This 10 foot beauty is custom. It had a tap, a stereo system, detachable goblets, golden coasters, a plaque...It even had a picture frame for a photo of the winner holding the trophy.

He really liked it. 


Taco Bell wanted more attention for their Freezes (like a slurpee) the middle of winter. So we defied the elements, and common sense, and threw a giant summer party in Chicago on a subzero February day. Rented a warehouse, heated it into the high-70s, brought in sand, volleyball nets, a waterslide, even a reggae DJ. Then we custom-printed a bunch of cups that were the only way in. 

Business Affairs made us take these pages out of the short book I wrote about Sun Valley as part of a press packet. Phrases like "that estate has a reputation of extreme litigiousness" were thrown around. 

"A few banners targeting people who wouldn't want other people to know they're visiting the site our banner is on." 

(This one was for an S&M hookups site.)

Sipping on Prison Island 

Eleven developed the 19 Crimes name and identity for this Australian wine, from the name to the branding to the bottle (and even the cork). Fosters Estates wanted this Shiraz-Dourif Blend to stand apart from cheaper Australian wines like Yellow Tail. We decided to pay tribute to Australia's origins as a prison colony, all the ruggedness that came before the refinement (the 19 Crimes were British laws punishable by deportation to Australia). We picked a bottle with a dusty finish, printed different crimes on the corks, and used a series of actual prisoner photos on the front labels. I wrote all the label and packaging copy. 

The plan was to use a historic police posting as shipping wrap (that could become posters at retail). But we couldn't get the rights from the British archive so I got to write this ridiculous wanted poster. 

"Sorry, this machine turns bears into kittens."

This banner assignment called for a very low k-weight, at a very low budget, with a very high level of specificity ("You can use Coinstar machines to turn cash or change into online gift codes that you can use to make online purchases without a credit card"). We did what we could!